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Business Advisor
Private Company Chief Financial Officer
Consulting & Interim Chief Operating Officer
Consulting & Interim Chief Financial Officer
Arbitrator & Mediator
Transition Risk Management

Is cash flow tight? Is invoicing slow? Do you receive payments on time? Is your current accounting system effective? Or are you paying high fees for end-of-year audits and accounting?

Could you be losing money and you don’t even know it? What are your tracking metrics? Can you interpret the data? Do you need help with a strategic plan, an acquisition, valuation, or transition planning?

What about your business keeps you up at night?

Organizations, both young and mature, often need guidance and management training to achieve greater business success. The WinterView Group provides expert, consulting CFO, and COO services to ensure that you and your team employ the best practices to promote profit and growth, so you can focus on the things you do best.

You didn’t start your business only to be consumed with the details of running it. You had an idea for a product or service, and you’ve worked hard to bring it to market successfully. Ultimately, the price of your success is that you need a topnotch team to help you lead your company. Whether it’s help with a long-range financial plan or navigating one specific strategic challenge, the WinterView Group can assist you.

We believe that accurate financial reporting and analysis are essential to every business and are at the core of WinterView’s CFO advisory services. We partner with business owners and help them put financial knowledge to work so that they can gain greater control of the bottom line and achieve better outcomes.

With more than twenty years of experience building and managing small to mid-sized companies in growth mode as well as those in traumatic transition, the WinterView Group has the breadth of knowledge required to help you meet your business challenges and redefine your company.

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