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Watch The Business of Architecture podcast on Key Financial Metrics for an Architecture Firm with Hugh Glazer, where they discuss:

6 key financial metrics including:

  1. Profit & Target Multiplier
  2. Cash Flow Breakeven
  3. Net Fee per staff
  4. Utilization Rate
  5. Checks & Balances
  6. Accounts Receivable

Watch The Business of Architecture interview of Hugh Glazer, where Hugh discusses:

  • The number 1 secret to scaling a profitable architecture practice
  • The top business mistakes small architecture firms make
  • The difference between cash basis and accrual accounting, and why this matters to your bottom line
  • The rolling 13-week spreadsheet for tracking cashflow
  • The most important metrics to track for firm profitability
  • How to recognize and stop scope creep.

Business Transaction Flow – The Entrepreneurs Guild


Today’s discussion focused on the need for companies to occasionally take a step back from daily operations and map (or re-map) their business transaction flow.

Creating a visual workflow of business processes will benefit any company, of any size, including start-ups as well as established corporations who have been in business many years.

Start-ups can create an operating model that is simple and elegant, and portrays not only steps in their product or service fulfillment, but also the financial data and costs associated with each step in the process. This will help significantly in managing their cash flow and efficiency.

Seasoned businesses often find that this analysis highlights inefficiencies in their processes, duplication of efforts and added costs that achieve no specific benefits. Regardless of the age or expertise in a business, asking what each step in the process provides in terms of added value is very important. Tailoring operating processes to achieve efficiencies across the organization can also help to gather the right information for critical reporting, financial analysis and timely decision making.

Financial Elements for Running a Business – The Entrepreneurs Guild


On this episode of the Entrepreneurs Guild Hugh and Thom discuss financial elements needed to run a business, for example the difference between cash flow and profit, which is important to distinguish between. Hugh says that no one starts a business to do the accounting for it, but if you don’t understand it and do it properly it can be the downfall of you business. You either need to learn it or hire someone to do it for you.

Your Resume Basics and Strategic Value Adds – Fiscal Doctor


Our subject matter experts are FENG members Jim Saylor (head of the resume review committee), Hugh Glazer (co-chair of Media SIG and resume review volunteer) and Gary Patterson (chair of High Tech SIG and resume review volunteer).

Jim will provide an overview of the resume review process available for FENG members only in a manner which may also be useable for your friends in transition. Based on the “Carson/ Letterman” ten worst things they see on resume reviews for FENG and other groups, Hugh and Gary will discuss a range of tactical and strategic points to add value to member resumes to support our members in job search.

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