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Financial &

for Creative Firms

The WinterView Group provides interim CFO and fractional CFO services to entrepreneurial and creative companies that require strategic project management and business leadership, but don’t need to hire a full-time permanent CFO.

WinterView clients are a diverse group that includes architecture, publishing, education, and other creative services companies. We understand the unique qualities of service-based business environments like these where bidding, mark-ups, commissions, retainer fees, intangible assets, and billing structures based on time are the norm.

We provide meticulous attention to detail, a hands-on approach, and the practical experience to adapt quickly and minimize disruption to your company and employees. We often assist when a challenge is beyond an in-house team’s abilities due to lack of knowledge or experience, or because the team is fully engaged in daily operations. And we always add a perspective that is unique to WinterView’s multi-client consultancy.

Whether you need guidance to effectively manage resources, minimize the negative impact of an unforeseen complication, or help to design a growth strategy, the WinterView Group is here to partner with you and transform your thinking and your business.

Our services are tailored to fit your company’s individual needs, objectives and schedule, and may include:

  • Financial Operations and Reporting
  • Training and Mentoring Staff
  • Managing Bank/Legal/Accounting Firms
  • Selecting and Implementing Technology Systems
  • Interim Cover During Candidate Searches
  • Cover During FLMA/Disability Absence
  • Improving the Performance of Finance and Accounting Operations
  • Financial and Business Systems Analysis
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Purchasing and Expense Report Controls
  • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Merger and Acquisition Culture Match Assessment
  • Merger and Acquisition Integration
  • Recruiting Assistance for Accounting Teams
  • Transition/Succession Planning
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