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Glazer Reads

What I am reading now:

Prediction Machines-The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence
Insight into the difference between human intelligence and machine intelligence. How AI can improve human decision making and the opportunities and pitfalls it presents for the future.

On my bookshelf:

Leading at the Speed of Growth.
With input from 500 entrepreneurs, the authors present various stages growing companies experience, from start-up through maturity. In the work I do with my clients, and in my own consultancy, I have experienced each of these stages, This is one of my all-time favorite business books.

Small Giants-Companies That Choose to be Great Instead of Big.

Walks entrepreneurs thought the process of understanding your company’s culture and its importance to the growth of the company. Highlights the challenges of keeping the “magic alive” as you make decisions about growth and select new opportunities.

The Coaching Manager
Authored by Babson College Faculty, TCM is a bible for coaching and developing leaders.  The coaching model is the foundation for Babson’s Coaching for Leadership & Teamwork program. I have been a coach in this program for 20 years. (I am also quoted in the book!)
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